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ThePowerSite Ltd have for sale the largest range of portable generators, diesel generators and inverter generators in the UK. We also have a huge range of petrol pressure washers from Evopower, Hyundai and Honda. The wacker plates or compactor plate range starts with the ever popular 50kg Evopower binary option trading demo account HDC50-28 compactor plate to the 90kg HDC9065. The range of Hyundai petrol water pumps features conventional water pumps, liquid fertiliser pumps and trash pumps.

Our aim is to supply our customers with top quality power equipment, delivered promptly at the lowest price in the UK. Contact us for the best deal.

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Diesel generator and Petrol Pressure washers, Water Pumps and wacker plates for sale

Diesel Generators

We have a large range of diesel generators available for sale in the UK. From the very popular Hyundai DHY6000SELR 5kw silent diesel generator to the 120kva DHY120KSE Hyundai generator. The range of 1500rpm water-cooled machines from Hyundai, Stephill and SDMO provide a generator for every need.

Air Compressors

When it comes to investing in air compressors, you'll want to be sure that you're investing in a reliable, quality product which gets the job done properly. This is exactly what we can provide you with. We ensure that we sell air compressors of only the very highest quality and we have a vast and varied compressor range. Please ask our advise, if you are unsure which air compressor is best for your needs, as it is essential that you have the right compressor with the correct air flow for the job.

Air Tools

Thanks to the fantastic operational, safety and convenience benefits which they offer, air tools are the power tools of choice for the professional and home user. We have a superb range in stock at low prices. Air sanders, air drills, needle scalers, air impact wrenches and screwdrivers are just a small selection of the air tools we have on offer. All of which are priced affordably and can be delivered speedily.

MIG Welder

If you're looking to invest in an MIG welder, take a look at the superb range which we have here. As we understand just how vital it is to invest in a MIG welder which won't let you down. Our range contains welders from some of the best brands in the business at highly competitive prices.

Petrol Pressure Washers

Whether you're looking for pressure washers for domestic or commercial use, take a look at the selection which we have here. Petrol pressure washers, diesel, electric, hot and cold water pressure washers are all available here, and whatever your investment our aim is to make the entire process as quick, simple and affordable as possible.

Diesel Pressure Washers

If you need a high power pressure washer for constant heavy duty use a diesel machine should be your first of call. A diesel pressure washer has numerous benefits over its petrol counterparts. A diesel can run for much longer on a tank of diesel, lowering your running costs, if you use red diesel this cost becomes lower still. Choose a gear driven diesel pressure washer and you can expect many years of reliable service.

Tool Boxes

With tool boxes to suit many different requirements, we have styles which are perfect for storing and transporting an endless variety of tools and essentials. We ensure that we only offer quality to our customers, and we also ensure that the tool boxes which we sell are durable, functional, flexible and priced fairly.

Tools and Power Tools UK

Tools and Power Tools UK are the main agents for Fiac air compressors as well as many other power tool products. View our full range online today or contact us for more information. We have over 10,000 tools listed on our website and have a full range of Hyundai Power products and Lavor pressure washers in stock.

The large stock of air compressors consist of direct drive 12L, 24L and 50L tank sizes, with 1.5hp, 2hp and 3hp motors. Popular choice is the Sealey SAC05020 air compressor The direct drive air compressors range from 50L to 270L and from 3hp to 7.5hp 3-phase.

The range of tool boxes and tool chests offers a tool storage solution for everyone, check out the managers specials on the combo toolchest sets.

We have a large range of electric, petrol and diesel pressure washers from Sealey, Hyundai, Evopower and Lavor.

A huge range of jacks and lift equipment - trolley jacks, bottle jacks, axle stands, motorcycle lifts, engine hoists etc.

When ordering your tools and powertools online, you have a choice of delivery options. Delivery is free on all orders over £100+vat. We use the latest security measure to ensure that your transaction is 100% safe and secure.

Tools available from www.toolsandpowertools.co.uk: Sealey, Fiac, Weldstar, Cebora welders and plasma cutters, Mosa diesel welders, Hyundai, Evopower, Armorguard etc.