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Lighting & Power Diesel and Petrol Generators

If you need mobile power, Tools and Powertools specialise in generators. We can guide you through the process of finding the generator that is best suited to your needs. Whether you are looking for a camping, standy, backup or welfare generator we can help.

For the leisure market we supply inverter generators from Stephill and Hyundai, Hyundai are currently one of UKs best selling brands. The HY range of suitcase generators feature inverter sinewave technology allowing you to connect any sensitive electrical equipment directly. Running on regular unleaded petrol, being extremely portable they are the choice of generator for many caravan and motorhome owner being a common sight on campsites arcoss the UK.

Diesel Gensets are availbe from Hyundai, Evopower Draper and Stephill ranging from 2kw - 15kw + machines. Diesel generators are availabe in a variety of sizes and configurations small portable open frame models, trolley based, mobile wheeled machines, to skid based site and welfare style generators. Many machines feature long run fuels tanks, silent running, electric start and both single and 3 phase 110v and 230v electricity output.

Petrol generators ranging in power outputs from 1kw to 6kw. All of our petrol gensets are 4 stroke machines running on conventional unleaded petrol. Generators available from Stephill and Draper Expert many of which are powered by Honda engines. Hyundai and Evopower are also best sellers being robust reliable AVR generators very keenly priced.

Lighting & Power