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Looming Energy Crisis and Weather Disasters


'New Power Stations are not enough to keep the lights on, Ofgem warns'

'Energy in the UK- the Coming Crunch'



The Telegraph has release an article claiming that Britain risks major power cuts due to predicted solar storms! Get your backup generator ready!! Take a look...



Over the last week or so, the UK has seen more snow than ever expected! With the mojority of the UK waking up to everything outside being white, many have started worrying what this is going to mean for their power supply. And rightly so- thousands and thousands of homes have already been left without power for hours on end, with many more power cuts expected- leaving the young, elderly and business's at risk.

Take a look at the following news articles:

Scotland has been told to prepare for road closures and major power cuts after the met office have given another heavy snow warning.

Snow set to bring MAJOR power cuts to the UK. Recently 5,000 homes were left without power in Wales.

3,800 homes were left without power in Earley and Little Hungerford.


Relevant links and information regarding the looming Power Crisis and Weather Disasters.

Take a look at this article in Contingency Today. Includes facts and figures on what the future power cuts mean for busineses and the disaster caused by the closing power stations.

Ofgem have released a report stating that Britain risks running out of energy generating capacity by 2015.

UK facing energy crisis- 'Energy Must Be Priority for Country'.

The UK winter of 2012 is set to be the coldest in 100 years!